• I was handed a Liquislide to try out right before going on stage last night. Felt and sounded great right from the first note. When something delivers great tone and feel like this, you can just get on with creating the music. Great to see this kind of innovation—well done!!

    Don L.
  • I got one ! Sounds awesome!!!
    Bob R.
  • John R recommends Liquislide LLC.

    Just received my new Liquislide. Amazing and different sound. Looking forward to what new slides and liquids they create! #Liquislide #guitarslide

    John R.
  • Truly impressed! What amazes me most is it rides ‘rides’ the strings beautifully, right in the sweet spot not fret knocking or buzzing out. Tone and sustain are very much improved over anything I’ve ever used before. It makes my playing more comfortable, more confident.

    Scott C.
  • I’ve been using the same glass slides for years, so needless to say I’m a hard sell…but gosh darnit, I’m sold..perfect weight, great fit and the tone is a thing of beauty..thanx Liquislide LLC…you rock!!!

    Dan S.

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