• Sounds better than brass , you can throw it long between frets and personally (due to the logo) I’ve found two different tones .

    Robert Grahme Remington
  • Check out this Slide!
    Liquislide LLC for the beautiful Slide! 🎸🙏

    #guyking #liquislide #newslide #slide #slideguitar #guitar #gibson #es335

    Guy King
  • “I am a believer! I always use a glass slide. There is a big difference. This one is much smoother! It is light and fits my finger perfectly”

    Joe G.
  • Loving this new Liquislide! Dig the closed end, great tone , weight and feel. AND the look? Come on!!!

    Grant T
  • I was handed a Liquislide to try out right before going on stage last night. Felt and sounded great right from the first note. When something delivers great tone and feel like this, you can just get on with creating the music. Great to see this kind of innovation—well done!!

    Don L.

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