• Hello you guys at Liquidslide,
    I’ve got some questions for ye,
    is there a firm selling these liquidslide’s in Europe- Holland…?
    And do you have one developed for playing on the lap steel guitar..?
    I’ve used chrome,brass,ceramic and glass slide’s over the years,
    I am excited to see this new innovation in playin slide.


    Hans de Bruin
  • Sounds better than brass , you can throw it long between frets and personally (due to the logo) I’ve found two different tones .

    Robert Grahme Remington
  • Check out this Slide!
    Liquislide LLC for the beautiful Slide! 🎸🙏

    #guyking #liquislide #newslide #slide #slideguitar #guitar #gibson #es335

    Guy King
  • “I am a believer! I always use a glass slide. There is a big difference. This one is much smoother! It is light and fits my finger perfectly”

    Joe G.
  • Loving this new Liquislide! Dig the closed end, great tone , weight and feel. AND the look? Come on!!!

    Grant T

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